The mandate of Jesus has three components in two comings with three finishing points spanning three human dispensations. The first assignment was His incarnation: assume a human body and go into the world to seek and save what God lost through the rebellion of Lucifer and transgression of Adam and Eve. Regarding human redemption, His mandate is to find earthen vessels to put mini-Gods who will have dominion and exercise royal authority over God’s visible kingdom.
The second assignment in His second coming is to sit on three thrones of glory to judge creation. Thirdly in His second coming, to reestablish God’s literal kingdom with earth dwellers, rule the earth for 1,000 years with a rod of iron in order to restitute all things to conform to the decree the Godhead issued before creation began and render account to the Father to resume His position as all in all.
Of the three finishing points, one is past. On the Cross of Calvary, just before He gave up the ghost, Jesus said: “It is finished.” That broke the power of sin and brought redemption to mankind. A few hours to Armageddon, Jesus will say a second “It is finished.” That will signal the judgment of the Beast and of Gentile nations and the beginning of the literal kingdom of God on earth.  After the White Throne Judgment, Jesus will submit the Kingdom to the Ancient of Days who will utter the final “It is finished.”
Any activity on earth that does not dovetail the Lord’s mandate no matter how popular and ennobling is secondary and irrelevant to the divine agenda. In His first advent, Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil.” The militant church has the duty of destroying the works of darkness before His second advent. It is a ministry of conflict, which encompasses spiritual warfare, deliverance and the fight of faith.
If you are an unbeliever you have no excuse for refusing Christ’s free offer of salvation of your soul. He has paid the price. All you are required to do is to accept His substitutional death on the cross by calling on Him to be your Lord and personal Saviour. If you are a Christian you have absolutely no excuse for missing the rapture of the Church. It is a tragedy for a person to pass through this earth without experiencing the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. To be born in sin, live a sinful lifestyle, and die without accepting Jesus’ free offer of salvation and land in hellfire is a great tragedy. However, to be translated from death to life by receiving Christ’s gift of eternal life, walk along the narrow path towards the gate of heaven, enjoy the things that accompany salvation and at the point of death or rapture fail to enter heaven is the greatest tragedy of this life.

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