Lamb’s Book of Life: Contents of the Scroll


The Scroll contains God’s plan for creation and redemption. Written on the inside and on the outside, the Book is a detailed design and write-up of patterns, mode of operation, hierarchy and timing comprised in the Mandate of Jesus. This is the second in a series of short messages on the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Signs of His Coming

Signs of His Coming

The Disciples of Jesus Christ asked Him “What will be the sign of your coming?”

Jesus told them what to expect from the time of the discourse to the end of the dispensation of grace.

The Apostles understood the signs to be His visible return but did not know the signs for rapture.  After He was glorified and returned to heaven Jesus knew when the rapture would happen.

Rapture-specific signs were revealed by the Lord to Apostle John on exile in the Island of Patmos in present-day Turkey.

Dispensational Gospel

Dispensational Gospel

The gospel variously known as the gospel of God, gospel of salvation and glorious gospel is one but covers all the seven dispensational periods with three main subdivisions: everlasting gospel, gospel of the kingdom ceded to the Jews and the gospel of grace of God to the whole world.

Whereas the gospel of the kingdom was looking forward to Calvary, the Gospel of the Grace of God looks back to what Christ accomplished on the Cross when He shed His blood to redeem what God lost.

The Lord’s mandate to His followers is to preach the gospel of grace of God to every unbelieving person. Preaching the gospel of the kingdom in this end-time period knowingly or unknowingly can lead to doctrinal error.

Great Tribulation

Great Tribulation

There are three groups of people on the earth, three thrones of judgment and three great tribulations mentioned in the Bible.

Many Christians seem to be familiar with only one great tribulation. This would appear to be the root cause of the division in opinion regarding the timing of the rapture of the church.

Each of the three groups has a great tribulation period peculiar to it. Although each great tribulation will affect the whole world at varying degrees, it will be particularly devastating for each targeted group.

Overview of the Scroll

There are books of record in heaven. One of them is called the Lamb’s Book of Life. The other books are the Book of Remembrance and Books of Judgment.

Both Jesus and Apostle Paul said names of followers of Christ are written in the Scroll in heaven.

  1. Who are those whose names were written in the book of life?
  2. Who wrote the names?
  3. When exactly were the names written?
  4. Why were they written?
  5. What makes it a cause for rejoicing?
  6. Can a Christian know if his or her name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life?