Evangelical Fellowship Institute was given by revelation in 1987 for the purpose of bringing comfort and hope to believers in this period of birthpangs, a prelude to the rapture of the Church. The objective is to use the pulpit, print, electronic and other media:
  1. To stir believers to be conscious of, and prepare for, the second coming of Christ.
  1. To arouse the attention of Christians to the imminence of the rapture, the next event in God’s calendar.
  1. To teach sound Biblical end-time doctrine in order to dispel deceptions of these last-days and correct misconceptions about the plan of God for the end-time.
In 2009 the ministry began the project of documenting and disseminating several revelations and visions received in respect of the concluding aspects of the mandate of Jesus. They include returning the church to the old path, sound end-time teaching and a platform for members of the Eschatological Community to come together and occupy till Jesus returns.
EFI is mandated to change erroneous doctrines in the church, share comfort and hope among God’s people, stirring one another to be conscious of, and prepare for, the second coming of Christ by being watchful, ready and fully focused on individualized divine assignment as they look forward to the rapture of the Church