The number one reason Christians are dying and missing heaven is inappropriate marital relationships. All relationships on earth operate like marriage; ultimately they narrow down to two: relationship with God and relationship with Satan. In time relationship is like a cross; the vertical connects God upwards or binds with Satan downwards. The horizontal is human to human, pointing diametrically to godly or ungodly unions that determine eternal destinations. Covenants operate like marriage and proper marital relationship is a prerequisite for entry into heaven.
Broadly, therefore, marital relationships can be between mankind with mankind and mankind with spirit beings. Human marriage in turn has two kinds: marriages joined by God and marriages not joined by God. Human marriage is not compulsory: it is optional and can be avoided without any evil consequence on destiny fulfilment. Human marriage godly or ungodly brings a lot of trouble in this life.
The second type of marriage is mankind with spirit beings. It has two variants: conscious or unconscious marriage to evil spirits and conscious espousal to Jesus Christ. In a sense everyone is married. You are either betrothed to Christ or you have a conscious or an unconscious covenant with Satan that can give him the right to stop your journey to heaven at the point of death or rapture. Consequently, the type of spiritual marriage at the time of sleep or physical death determines relationship in eternity.
We have the mandate of exposing these hidden evil marital covenants and deal with them through the deliverance ministry of Jesus Christ. The ultimate purpose is to ensure that nothing that belongs to Satan will be found in Christ’s blood-bought saints at the point of sleep or rapture, whichever comes first (Jn 14:30).

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