Necessity Of The New Birth


Jesus said you must be born again to see the kingdom. Again He said you must be born of water and the Spirit to enter the kingdom. “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (Jn 3:3). If God says ‘you must be born again’ it then means something is wrong with the first birth. What is it?

All Have Sinned And Come Short Of The Glory Of God

Adam was created as a son of God. He was created sinless and had eternal life. But when he disobeyed the law regulating his creation, he died. Everybody that was born into this world after the similitude of Adam was born not as a son of God but as the son of Adam. Thus, the death sentence on Adam passed on all creation. That death sentence means spiritual, physical and eternal separation from God. To be born again therefore means to begin a new life. It is eternal life and it is a gift. It was made possible by the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross of Calvary.  Jesus came into the world to save sinners. He died on the Cross to pay the price for the sin committed by Adam and the entire human race. When you become born again, you move from death to life.

Fatherhood Of Adam And His Offspring

Before Adam sinned, God was his father.  By transgression he lost that status. He became the son of the devil. All the progenitors of Adam are the children of the devil at birth. Thus, there are two fathers in the world today. To be born again therefore means to change from being the child of the devil to being the child of God.

Kingdom Of God And Kingdom Of Satan

There are two kingdoms on the earth in the world today: the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of God is characterized by light while the kingdom of Satan is characterized by darkness. The whole earth is steeped in darkness. Anyone who is not born again is darkness. Therefore to be born again is to exchange light for darkness; to move from the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of God.

Communication With God

The human enterprise is made up of three personalities: the body or outward personality; the inward personality comprising soul and spirit and the controlling personality, which is either a Hypostatic Chip from God or a demon from Satan. The only way man can communicate with God is through his spirit. But the spirit of an unregenerate man is dead and so cannot communicate with God.  To be born again therefore is to have a new spirit recreated in the image of God and which can relate with God.

Three Eternal Destinations

Nothing created by God goes out of existence. Anyone or thing created by God that cannot stand before God’s holiness must perish or be destroyed.  This does not mean annihilation. For man, there are three destinations: new heaven, new earth or the lake of fire. Only those who are born again have a chance of living with God eternally in the New Jerusalem which will come out of the new heaven.

The purpose of God in sending Jesus into the world is to redeem mankind.  To redeem is to buy back. Jesus offered His sinless blood as the ransom for the redemption of those who are willing to avail themselves of the privilege. It is an act of grace, entirely devoid of merit. A birth gives right to life.  The new birth is not reformation but a recreation. It bestows the divine nature on the recipient. It is a new life. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Cor 5:17).

God created man in His image and likeness. One of the attributes of the image of God in man is self-will. By His nature, God does not overrule human self-will.  That is why everybody who desires the life of God in him must exercise his self-will positively to receive a new spirit and the gift of eternal life.

Translation From Death To Life

In Jn 8:23 Jesus said: “Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.” Jesus, the last Adam is from heaven above; the first Adam is red mud from the earth; the posterity of the first Adam is from hell beneath according to Prov 15:24 “The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.” Isaiah also takes about “Hell from beneath” (Isa14:9). When Adam and Even began to multiply they were technically in hell. All that come into this world by blood, the will of the flesh and the will of man do so from hell beneath and will return to hell beneath unless there is divine intervention. All that come from hell beneath do so with head backwards walking through life without knowing where they are going. At any point in time in their nebulous journey they can slip and fall back into hell.

Jesus is God’s Grace for Salvation

Throughout the history of mankind on earth God has never left Himself without a witness to His magnanimous provision for salvation of lost people. The Gospel of Christ has three epochal aspects: everlasting, kingdom and grace. Together, they bear witness to saving power of the gospel. Those who receive the gospel message are translated from death to life. With a change of mind that leads to a change in direction, they now walk face upwards, fully aware of the dangers on the narrow road to heaven above. They become children of God dead or alive to be perfected at the rapture of the church and three future raptures of the Tribulation Period.

The journey from earth to heaven is characterized by twelve steps divided into three groups: first seven steps are imperatives for entering heaven, next three steps are for those desiring to fulfill their destiny completely and the last two steps are second chance options for those who miss the rapture of the church.

The current agenda of heaven is not to replenish the earth but to complete the building of the Body of Christ, the Church.  The earth cannot be replenished in this dispensation. It can only be repopulated with the physical presence of the King of Kings and His wife, with Satan bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years. The agenda of multiplying wives and unholy children is satanic.

Sin is a spiritual reality, a virus.  It has power to take life and does not frizzle away with time; rather it mutates and spreads corruption on whatever it touches, producing iniquity. Every sin must be accounted for. Since sin has the power to take life, it follows that every sin ultimately will be covered by blood; life is in the blood. Sin has a voice, loud, rapacious and loquacious; it cannot be hidden, cowered or suppressed indefinitely.  Your sins must locate you wherever you are. The only antidote to sin is death of the sinner or of God’s sin-bearer, the Lamb of God who died for the sins of the world on the Cross of Calvary.

The bridge between the death of the sinner and the propitiating death of Christ is repentance. Abundant life in Christ Jesus begins with Godly sorrow for sin. As it is written ‘…  whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ Acts 2:21. Or ‘… if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.’ (Rom 10:9). Salvation is the key to abundant life. Living in the Spirit and walking in the Light guarantee fruitfulness in present life and joy unspeakable in the life to come.

The greatest miracle in the world today is the New Birth. It marks the turning point between moving downwards to hellfire and moving upwards to heaven above.

That most people born in this world will spend eternity in the lake of fire does not bother God as He has made provision from the beginning for the allocation of a Hypostatic Chip to everyone at conception. The actual implantation takes place in those who accept the substitutional work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary from age of responsibility but before physical death and walking with the Holy Spirit the narrow path to heaven in glory to escape the fires of hell. God’s concern at the moment is the Mandate of Jesus, which includes bringing the gospel of Christ to every responsible person so that none shall have an excuse or accuse God unjustly of partiality at the White Throne Judgment.

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