Final judgment is coming. Jesus is the judge. There is no escape for anyone, dead or alive. Christians will be judged first, then the Jews and the Gentiles. God never acts without warning –..Read More
Every human being is a trinity of outward personality formed from the ground and reverting to dust at death or rapture, inward personality the real you comprising soul and spirit with eternal existence, and a controlling spirit from God or Satan….Read More
Marriage is the language of, and originated in, heaven. It is like a Cross; the vertical connects God upwards or binds with Satan downwards. The horizontal is human to human, pointing diametrically to godly or ungodly union.
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The demand and payment of Levitical tithe, which is ten percent of one’s increase in fulfillment of the Law of Moses, would appear to contradict the spirit of the New Testament Church. “For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse”(Gal 3:10)...Read More
MONEY, SEX & POWER: Imitating Jesus Christ About The Book To be tempted is not evil; yielding to it is. Jesus was tempted on all points yet without sin. Money, Sex and Power are the ‘three Musketeers’ that play pivotal role in determining the eternal destination of each one of us. . Read More

Many people measure themselves against other people. This is wrong. You should measure yourself against the standard of God, Jesus Christ. Every human being is designed to make impact in the life of at least one other person… Read More

Every human being has eternal existence but not everyone has eternal life. Everybody has three component parts: outward personality, inward personality and a controlling spirit. ..Read More
SEX AND BLOOD COVENANT About the Book Sexual intimacy has creative binding and destructive power. It was designed by God as the epitome of biblical companionship…
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SUCCESS THAT COUNTS WITH GOD Fulfilling Divine Destiny Success in life does not depend only on being rich and famous but on fulfilling destiny as inscribed in every saved person’s Hypostatic Chip an excision from the heart of God received at the moment of translation from death to life… Read More

Sex is not just a physical exercise done for pleasure only; it is a spiritual communion. God designed first-time sexual intimacy to bond one man and one woman to become one flesh in a matrimonial union joined by Him. ..Read More

Everybody takes communion. It is either at the Lord’s Table or the table of demons. Taking Holy Communion unworthily is tantamount to having fellowship with the devil. You cannot take Holy Communion worthily without abiding in Christ. Read More

The greatest Christian hope is expectation of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will begin with the evacuation of sleeping and living saints to heaven before judgment begins.  Read More

In the early church the doctrine of circumcision was craftily introduced to derail the apostolic commission of witnessing Christ to the utmost ends of the earth. In the contemporary church, the doctrine of material prosperity has crept in with a hidden agenda. Read More

In this end-time period the purpose of marriage is companionship designed to facilitate destiny fulfillment by avoiding the consequences of sexual immorality..Read More