Revelation Of The Antichrist And Others


The Antichrist

Immediately after the rapture of the church and in order to douse tension in the Middle East, the Beast, a human being energized by Satan, will emerge on the world scene not as the Antichrist, not as an evil person, but as a man of peace.  ‘Beast’ and ‘Antichrist’ refer to the same evil personality. He will be supported by the apostate church. The critical issue that will face the world immediately after the rapture is how to avert a nuclear war.

The Antichrist will be a highly intelligent man and a great orator with understanding of human philosophy and theology. He will be involved in the New Age dark demonic rites of the occult. Pretending to be a man of peace at the beginning of his reign, he will persuade many of the leading world religious figures to follow him. By the middle of the Tribulation Period his true identity as a man of war would be revealed. He will bitterly attack biblical Christianity with the public execution of any known believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Antichrist will emerge as the Leader of the European Union.  With his attributes of oratory, diplomacy and peaceful maneuvering, he will succeed in convincing Israel to refrain from detonating nuclear bombs that have the capability of destroying the whole of the Middle East and beyond with radiation. He will win the cooperation of the Arab States by deception, threats and flattery.  He will confirm the Middle East ‘Road Map’ for seven years. The Beast will cause the EU and Israel to enter into a military collaboration pact. The confirmation of the Peace Treaties in the Middle East will be hailed by the world as the greatest guarantee for world peace and stability. This agreement will delay Russian invasion of Israel for about three years. It will also cause a major shift in the Egypt-led Arab League’s program on the state of Israel.


Soon after the rapture, God will appoint and seal 144,000 Jewish evangelists to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom for three-and-one half years. These Jewish evangelists will preach the gospel of the Kingdom, not the gospel of grace of God, throughout the world for forty-two months. Also known as the first fruits, they will be selected 12,000 in number from each of the 12 tribes of Israel.  They will bear witness of the reestablishment of the Davidic Kingdom under his greater Son in the flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ. They will be raptured alive (Rev 14:1-3) from Jerusalem in the early part of the second half of the Tribulation Period. Their duty will be to preach the gospel in the absence of the raptured gospel preachers.


About mid-term of the Tribulation Period, God will send two special witnesses to the earth.” I believe the two olive trees, two lampstands or two candlesticks are Moses and Elijah because of Malachi 4:4-5 and other scriptures.

On three occasions Moses and Elijah appeared on earth during Christ’s earthly ministry. On the Mount of Transfiguration, a preview of the rapture, at the tomb of Christ on resurrection morning and at the seashore near the Mt of Olives when Jesus ascended into heaven signifying that the two men are not dead. Enoch who was translated to heaven alive like Elijah came back to the earth as Melchizedek.

In Revelation 11:5-6, we are told of the enormous power God gave to His Two Witnesses. They will also be helpful to the Israelite Preachers towards the end of the Jewish Evangelists’ assignment. Thereafter, the Beast will succeed in killing the Two Special Witnesses.  After three-and-a-half days, their dead unburied bodies will resurrect and ascend into heaven in the full view of the whole world.

The result of the personal evangelism of the 144,000 sealed Jewish evangelists and the two Special Witnesses will be the conversion of a great multitude of people. During the Tribulation Period especially the second half, Satan will rise to his highest level of power. The trinity of Satan, the beast as antichrist and the false prophet will persecute to death those who come to Christ throughout the Tribulation Period.

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