Survival Strategy Under The Beast’s System


The first Adam was created to live in Eden forever in his righteous state.  When he sinned, he lost Eden but his capacity for eternal existence was intact.  Adam was driven out of Eden preparatory for confinement in hell and casting into the lake of fire to be punished forever. The Last Adam has brought hope to the posterity of the First Adam through His redemptive work and the restoration of Eden as originally envisaged by God.

The following survival strategies are for those who miss the rapture of the Church but desire to enter the Millennial Kingdom without being martyred. If you miss the rapture of the Church and desire to participate in the First Resurrection:

1.      Do not take the mark. It is irreversible.

2.      Do not commit suicide but expect to be killed through martyrdom.

3.      Do not aid any process that will make you die faster than you ought such as euthanasia.

4.      Stay away from those with the Mark of the Beast; their doom is sealed and they will do everything to drag you to the lake of fire with them.

5.      The Antichrist’s propaganda will be massive and believable. Do not listen to it; never give his options a second thought.

6.      Do not blame God for your present condition; instead be thankful that you have a second chance to be part of the Tribulation martyrs.

7.      Remember that if you strive towards death, you will be raptured in time to join the Lord Jesus Christ and the saints when He will come physically to the earth to judge the nations and establish the kingdom of God under the Davidic covenant.

8.      If you are arrested and put in detention, do not expect immediate execution. Satan understands the Bible. He will torment and taunt his detainees to see if they would agree to take the Mark.  That is the strategy of IS right now. The attack would be mainly psychological.  Televising torture scenes, live executions and suffering caused by food deprivation will be aimed at inducing saints to renounce Christ and take the mark of the Beast.

9.      Do not waste your time and effort praying for death to come. The Antichrist will use man’s best to do man’s worst, like the holocaust. Pray for strength and the courage to see you through.

10.  Through martyrdom, Tribulation Period saints have a chance of entering heaven with glorified bodies and returning to the earth as part of the eternal priesthood of Christ.

If you are a Christian and want to avoid the trauma of the Tribulation Period, martyrdom and the possibility of going to hell, then you must be fully awake and abide in Christ to the end. “Therefore He says‘Awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light‘” (Eph 5:14). You must neither sleep in these dangerous end times nor be half-awake but be fully awake and rapture-ready.

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