The Final Word: God Has Standards


A standard is a required level of proficiency. God’s standards specify the way things should be done at any point in time. God has set standards for everything and everyone including language groups and nations in the visible and invisible realm. The standards differ only in relation to dispensations. Man has no discretion in setting, improving, revising or modernising a standard set by God in any era.

By reason of His attribute of immutability those standards do not change with time. They apply to all with equal force. Even though man born of a woman is a child of the devil, he or she has a window of escape. Everyone retains God’s communicable attributes such as eternal existence, volition, justice and equity. Consequently, you must be recreated. You must choose who to follow Jesus, Satan or self. You must meet conditions for entering heaven or miss out.

You must fulfill your destiny, the blueprint of your life on earth to occupy your rightful position in heaven. God said through Prophet Jeremiah: “… I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” God wants to give His children the expected end embedded in individual Hypostatic Chips. The Final Word is to enter heaven in grand style. This brings five scenarios to the fore. At the end of human dispensations, every human being will fall into one these five scenarios:

Scenario 1

You can have a ‘good life’ by human standards on earth but miss heaven. This is a heavy loss. However, there is something to remember as attested to by Abraham in the case of the rich man in hell (Lk 16:25).

Scenario 2

You can have a bad life on earth and make it to heaven. This is good gained the hard way, like Lazarus of Luke chapter sixteen. He was poor in body and soul but rich in spirit.

Scenario 3

You can have a bad life on earth and still miss heaven. This is a case of missing everything. The loss is incomparable to any other kind of disaster.

Scenario 4

You can have a good life on earth and enter heaven. This is abundant gain but it may fall short of the expected end if your reward falls short of the divine provision.

Scenario 5

You can have a good life on earth, enter heaven and occupy the position preordained for you in the eternal states. This is the ultimate abundant life Jesus brought to mankind. This grade earns a special reward from Jesus.

God has given the world His best in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and His last in the Holy Spirit. Eternal life with characteristics similar to Hypostatic software is available to all who sincerely desire to have it. Your personalized Hypostatic Chip contains all that you need to have abundant life in this life and the life to come. Every individual is unique.  So are Hypostatic Chips. No two of them are exactly alike. Your destiny embedded in your Chip was specially designed for you.  When an individual is implanted with the pre-designed Chip, he or she becomes fearfully and wonderfully made, not before. It is up to you to subscribe to the arrangements already made by God for your eternal wellbeing.

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