The Maranatha Project


The M A R A N A T H A Project (TMP) is about the second coming of Christ, which is the concluding aspects of the mandate of Jesus and the final destination of human beings. It is also a compendium in various formats of revelations on events that are about to take place starting with the rapture of the church to the destruction of God’s enemies at the Battle of Gog and Magog. The project encapsulates how God is consummating all things in Himself from the unseen to the visible universe by the hand of His Son Jesus Christ who dwells supremely exalted in both realms.
The mandate God gave to His Son Jesus Christ for planet earth is to seek, save and re-establish lost mankind on earth by giving abundant life to those who are willing to receive and keep it to the end of human dispensations. It is to be carried out in three phases of two comings spanning three dispensations with three finishing points. Designed to dovetail that mandate, the Project is about making decisions that determine eligibility for participation in the rapture of the church, which is the next event in God’s prophetic calendar. It is about eternal life in contrast with eternal death, heaven and hell, abundant life or misery in time and eternity. It concerns making decisions in this life that determine entering heaven or being thrust in the lake of fire at the end of human dispensations. Ultimately, everyone born into this world will end up in one of three final destinations: New Jerusalem, new earth or lake of fire.
Since the Day of Pentecost about two thousand years ago, the Holy Spirit has been selecting people to build the Body of Christ so that Jesus can return to judge mankind and re-establish the literal kingdom of God on earth. The focus of the series is on kingdom lifestyle that confers eligibility for participation in the rapture of the church the prerequisite for inclusion in the Priesthood that will rule the earth for a thousand years under the Lord Jesus Christ at His second coming. Participation in the rapture as a sleeping or living saint is the heartbeat of God for mankind in these last days of the end of the dispensation of grace.
TMP resources are designed as an end-time strategic battle manual and guide along the narrow pathway to heaven’s strait gate for Christians who desire to participate in the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ and be part of millennial earth’s Priesthood.
The presentation in books of several volumes and other formats is the unveiling of the sequence of events when Jesus Christ returns to earth to complete His divine assignment that began with His incarnation. TMP was birthed through revelations spanning over a period close to thirty years of waiting on the Lord. The ministry provides a prophetic support to believers to be part of the second and final aspects of the mandate of Jesus.
Our mandate is to use the pulpit, print, electronic and other media to stir believers to be conscious of, and prepare for, the second coming of Christ, arouse the attention of Christians to the imminence of the rapture, the next event in God’s calendar and teach sound Biblical end-time doctrine in order to dispel deceptions of these last-days and correct misconceptions about the plan of God for the end-time. We are also empowered to disseminate several revelations and visions received in respect of the concluding aspects of the mandate of Jesus. They include returning the church to the old path, sound end-time teaching and a platform for members of the eschatological community to come together and occupy till Jesus returns.
As a result of the mandate, our objective is to use every available means of communication to change erroneous doctrines in the church, share comfort and hope among God’s people, stirring one another to be conscious of, and prepare for, the second coming of Christ by being watchful, ready and fully focused on individualized divine assignment as they look forward to the rapture of the Church.
Information on books, videos and CDs are available on this page.

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